2011 Indraprastha Code

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Foreword I: Prof Dr Jan Hakemulder, President &

Chancellor IOU (NL) 11

Foreword II: Ambassador (Prof) Akbar S Ahmed,

American University Washington DC 15

Foreword III: The Hon’ble Mani Shankar Aiyar,

Union Minister, Govt, of India 17

Afterword 20

The Executive Summary 27


Part I

1 ‘Between New American Century’ & ‘An Incon- venient Truth’ – Geopolitics of Planetary Healing & Glasnost II

2 Facing the Inconvenient Truth as ‘Glasnost II’:

Towards the Normative Geopolitics of Civilizational Healing

3 Novus Ordo Seclorum: Laying Foundations of Post-materialist Planetary Order

4 Decoding the Undeclared World War IV –
Covenant of the Post-Yalta, Post-nuclear, New World Order

Part II

5 Dialectical Inevitability of ‘World Caliphate’ & World War iv – The Diffusing & Atoning Path of Healing the Six Ciuilizational Wounds (Noetic Planetary Healing)

6 Kashmir-Metaphor of the Wounded Indo-Pak Psyche

7 The Wounded Jerusalem – Partition at the Jordan

8 Ayodhya – Gush of the Wounded Hindu Psyche

9 Resolving the Mandir-Masjid-Mandal Conflict

– Forging a New Social Contract of the Indie Man (Aam admi) –

10 The Wounded Purusha-Gaia – Reversing the Coming Ecocide

11 Wounded Korea – The Cancerous Ciuilizational Wound & Second Nuclear Age – Two Scenarios of the Receding US World Domination and Withdrawal

Part III

12 Towards a Self-Healing & ‘Total No-War-Zone Planet’ – The Mandalic Architectonics of the Post Nuclear Asia-/Global Peace Order

13 The Mandalic Geopolitical Order & The Con-fed erated New UN — From Nation-State to Universalist Ciuilizational Home (Pax Humana)

14 The Indraprastha Code (The ‘Second India Gate Project’) – Passage to the Mandalic ‘No-War-Zone Planet’
Part IV

2006 – End of US Unipolar World Domination

^ Between ‘Next Hiroshima’ & Asian Century

16 2007 – India-Pakistan Presidencies: Normative


17 2008 – US Presidency – Normative Imperatives

18 2009 – Indian General Elections – Normative


19 2010 – New Delhi Commonwealth Games –

Linking ‘South Asian States’ to Revived Pre-1947 Commonwealth Legacy

20 2011- The Round Table of the New UN: The

Totally Healed Post-materialist Planetary Order

21 Conclusion: Between Da Vinci Code & Indraprastha Code: The All-Healing, Self-Reconciling Planet of The Purusha-Cosmic Christ

22 Postscript – Towards the Re-Constructionist Postmodern: Preventing Second Sarajevo & Second Hiroshima

Letter to the Prime Minister of India – Re-visioning J’v Gandhi Action Plan as GLASNOST II – The Post-materialist Planetary Order

^Cn.dix: °n the Author’s Premonitions of the “”declared World War iv. Page 437




Surely we as humanity are getting closer to another ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’; and this Book I know has come out of the author’s premonition that we might not again have the same luck as was in 1962!

That fatal bullet 1914 in Sarajevo which unleashed the long drawn out European civil war of World War I & II followed by the Cold War turning the twentieth century the bloody landscape of a hundred million deaths may be upon us again, at nuclear threshold of Armageddon proportions… We can only hope the way out comes from Mother India’s Spirit and Wisdom.

Prof Jan R Hakemulder from the Forward to this book


We may not all agree with the worldview positions, postulates and arguments of this book, but it shows with burning urgency the flaws of our current reality perception, it is a sharp focusing of our collective consciousness upon the precipice from which our human fate might slip to the bottomless abyss, and it evokes the glowing visions of the ‘mandalic geopolitics’, of the Global Marshall Plans and Glasnost II that beckons us for gearing ourselves to the collective civilizational adventure to the Moon and the stars beyond.

Ambassador (Prof) Akbar S Ahmed American University, Washington DC

As a personal aide to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi I was privy to the evolution of that Action Plan, I was also privy to the promising meeting the author Asiananda of this book had with Rajivji at Bonn the day before he was going to New York for presenting the Rajiv Gandhi Action Plan at the UN General Assembly.

The Plan receded to the background, but J know the author of this book in the course of the past nearly two decades has been creating the needed historical, philosophical, strategical foundations for raising the Action Plan to a really workable and self sustaining post materialistic planetary order grounded on the psychological unity of the human race replacing the status quo coercive instrumentalities of armed forces and nuclear deterrence.


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