A Search of the Roots of Syro – Malabar Church in Kerala

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Chapter I
Nestorius and Nestorian Christology
1. The Person of Nestorius
2. The Hellenistic Background of the Antiochian School
3. The Causes that Lead to the Suppression of Nestorius
4. The Doctrinal Controversy
5. Nestorius’ Metaphysical and Christological Presuppositions
6. The Prosopic Union
7. The Concept Communicatio Idiomatum
8. The Political Reason for the Conflict
9. The Influence of Ancient Goddess Devotion and
the Title Theotokos
10. The History of Nestorius – Question and Modern Study
Chapter II
Cyril of Alexandria and his Christology
1. The Person of Cyril of Alexandria
2. The Beginning and Development of Christianity in Egypt
3. The Alexandrian School against the Antiochian School
4. The History of the Egyptian Church in the 4th and 5th century
5. The Christology of Cyril
Chapter III
Life and Theology of Theodoret of Cyrus
1. The life of Theodoret
2. Theodoret and Nestorius
3. Theodoret’s Works.
4. Theodoret’s Refutation of Cyril’s Twelve Anathemas


The book entitled ‘A Search of the Roots of Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala’ is a research study on the accusation against the Indian Church of St Thomas Christians being Nestorian in faith before the arrival of Portuguese Missionaries. This study once again declares that the teaching labeled as Nestorian was neither the teaching of Nestorius nor the faith of the St Thomas Christians. More studies are to be done in this area to efface all taints of doubt. Hearty congratulations to Fr George Nedumparambil OFM Cap on this unique contribution!

George Cardinal Alencherry

Major Archbishop of the Syro Malabar Church

Rev. Fr. Nedumparambil poses the same question as Manikathanar did a century ago, “Were the St Thomas Christians Nestorians?” All those who are interested in the history of Malabar Christians and the East Syriac liturgy will read the study of Fr. Nedumparampil with much profit. I wish the book a wide and attentive readership. Let me also hope that the author will continue to inspire the St Thomas Christians to grow up in their self awareness of this ecclesial identity.
Archbishop Joseph Powathil

I sincerely appreciate the painstaking efforts of the author to convincingly prove that the Syro-Malabar Church was never affected by ‘Nestorian heresy’ in any phase of her history. I wish the author every luck and God’s blessings. May his research and studies be an inspiration to many to have objective and genuine knowledge of the Church and to know and love her better.

Archbishop Joseph Perumthottam

Metropolitan Archbishop of Changanacherry

This is a book of great integrity. The author’s boldness carries conviction and he is not afraid to be firm. This book contains penetrating insights in the field of Church history, Fathers of the Church and especially in the ecclesial vision of the Syro-Malabar Church. This study is definitely a solid contribution as it takes us a step closer to understand the identity of the Syro-Malabar Church and a great treasure; as we go on reading we are enriched with the contents in it.

Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt

Bishop of Palai


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