Aesthetic Chaos

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5. Dedication 38 Cages
7. Acknowledgements38.Prison
8. Foreword 39 Journey
9. Preface 40.Doubts
10. Reality 41.Wounded
12. No Faces 42.Determination
13. Dying Flame 43.Promise?
14. Sinking 44.Difficulties
15. Lust 45.Long Gone
16. Plastic 46.Powerless
17. Fiery Envy 47.If Only
18. Drug 47.Locksmith
19. The Truth 48.Holes
20. Intoxication 49.Shedding the Mask
21. Restless 50.Fury
22. Gift 51.Burnt Away
23. Boom 52.Leak
24. Drink, Drank, 53.Wishes
25. Without You 54.Foreplay
25. Mild Monsters 55.Unmasking
26. Mistake 56. Distance is Nothing
26. Run 57.The Unknown
27 Someday 58.Advice
28. Life 59.Leap
29. Universal Truth 60.Truth
30. Necessity 60.Fatal Silence
30. Creation 61.Acceptance
31. Exposed 62. Warning
32. Kisses 63. Warmth
33. Sinful 64. Spaces
34. Impossibilities 65. Waste
35. I Wonder 66. Darkness
36. Pain 67. Human
37. Unwanted 68. Separation


his book of poems has all the marks of a young, aspiring poet: a charmingly fresh naivete, raw emotions under process, language that is seeking to mould these emotions into a recognizable yet original shape, a straining after form and meaning counter-balanced by a defiant gesture rejecting both. All the time-tested experiences and concomitant emotions and feelings which have constantly provided the impetus for poetry – love, betrayal, anger, envy, self-doubt, self-assertion – are waiting to be encountered in these poems. The poems are often poised on the brink of discovering a unique voice, a voice that is lurking just round the corner, waiting to be appropriated and made one’s own.

Latha K. Raman

Asst. Professor, Stella Maris College (Autonomous)

Chennai 600 086

This is a collection of excellently written poems by a dynamic young poet.

Crystaline shows great promise for the literary world. The poems are a

wonderful exposition of diverse emotions, most of them conflicting and bi

polar in nature, so accurately reflecting the mind and make up of human beings.

It is truly outstanding that at such a young age the writer has been able to grasp

such emotions so well and with such depth.

C.J. David

Former Headmistress, Campus School

Madras Christian College, Chennai 600 059


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