As Pilgrims and Stangers

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Foreword .
1. Evolution of a Form of Life
Developments from 1215 onward
Clare writes her own Form of Life.
After Clare’s death.
on 2. Rule or Form of Life?
A time of radical change.
Notes on the notion of “forma”
What is a Form of life?
Balance between institutionalized and dynamic life
A Form of Life in our times
3. Exploration of the Form of Life of the Order of the
Poor Sisters.
Division in twelve chapters.
Architecture of the Form of Life..
Reading the Form of Life in our time.
4. Keep in Mind the Gospel offesus Christ


Areas of obedience.

5 Entrance and Formation of a Poor Sister
Conditions for Entrance
Probationary period and profession.
Special cases
The model of the poor Christ.
6.Connected with the Church.
Divine Office.
Sacramental life18
7. Building the Community
Election of the abbess
The Consultative Body
Community tasks.
8 Enclosure and silence
Silence and speaking.
First part: communication from the inside to the
Second part: communication from the outside
to the inside
Challenges in our Time
9. Daily Life in the Enclosed Space
Remembering the Beginning.
Forma vivendi: the perfection of the holy Gospel.
Francis’ Last Will: his message and model
Economy of the gospel poverty.
Pilgrimage of gospel poverty.
Coping with physical fragility
Coping with mental frailness
Relation between abbess and sisters
Admonition and exhortation..
10 For the Sake of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Bond with the Lesser Brothers
Within the Church for the sake of the Gospel
of Jesus Christ
11 The Form of Life as Model of Spiritual Transformation 244
Life-style as a spiritual form.
Poverty as transforming power
Jesus Christ: Model and Mirror.
Central values in the Form of Life..
Appendix I
Appendix II




A Spiritual Model of Transformation

The interest in monastic rules is growing. Monastic rules are being discovered as sources for spirituality. What do we find in them? Monastic rules arise from a lived experience of a way of life. Although sometimes centuries old, these texts are often based on human experience and offer us guidelines for our lives now. People searching for meaning in their daily lives find wisdom in these texts and in harmony with their own deepest desires.

Clare of Assisi wrote a Form of Life for her sisters. She unfolds a life project centered on the following of the poor Christ. Even today, she challenges our thinking about what is considered a happy life. Are we too concerned about material things? Her Form of Life teaches us how the limitations of our life open up opportunities for mutual relationships and community building. Simplicity and restraint can free us of material obstacles which obstruct our growth toward inner freedom.

In this book the author explores the wisdom concealed in Clare’s Form of Life. She approaches the texts as a spiritual model for transformation. The book is written as a guideline for people who seek to know the day to day spirituality of Clare and her sisters.

Edith Van den Goorbergh, OSC, has studied extensively on the spiritual legacy of Clare of Assisi. Together with Theodore Zweerman, O.F.M. (t 2005), she published Light Shining Through a Veil. On Saint Clare’s Letters to Saint Agnes of Prague (2000); Respectfully Yours: Signed and Sealed, Francis of Assisi. Aspects of His Authorship and Focuses of His Spirituality (2001); Saint Francis of Assisi: A Guide for our Times. His Biblical Spirituality (2007).


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