Christian Maturity in Faith & Spiritual Warfare

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Fr.James Mariakumar Jesus, our Risen Lord, joined the company of the two disciples on the way to Emmaus who were walking in unbelief and despair; they were going away from Jerusalem where the redemption took place. First, He listeiis to their inner restlessness and then He explains to them the Scriptures to their problem. Their hearts were burning within them while He opened the Scriptures to them (Lk.24.32). this is true inner healing. Through the breaking of the Word of God during the retreats the participants are made aware of the blocks which prevent them from experiencing the love of God. Their ‘minds become renewed’ (Rom 12.2) and they ‘learn what is pleasing to the Lord’ (Eph 5.10). Experiencing a burning zeal to follow the Lord, they renounce evil of sin and despair and start to taste the ‘abundant life of the Lord’ (Jn 10.10)


The human-made ecological crises of gigantic rtions have led to the ‘dooms day’ prediction h\ the 2590 internationally renowned scientists. Mother Earth cries in anguish at the
destruction of her environment.

We, human beings, are endowed with reason and power to create. But so far, we have been more of ‘destroyers’ than creators, imagining ourselves as the central nervous system of nature, we canáot put back the developmental we need to be aware of our Intrinsic connectedness to the web of life.

Mother Earth pleads with her chOdren to relink to her umbilical chord, and to promote harjnotft and sustain all forms of life on earth, especially of the poor- the most vulnerable to
ecological crises.

There is an urgent mission to restore the whole – the primal expression and infinite tion of the Divine mystery of Love. The ‘ wake up call is to • renew-, owe.commitment to the cosmothcaRifric covenant’ as Jove-able and response-able Children of the Cosmic Rainbow.

This book reflects on the present ecological crises and proposes a holistic vision and spirituality that would provoke our conscience and inspire for radical action.