counseling guide

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1 Psychology of Counseling

2 Historical Development

3 Related Fields

4 Counseling Relationship

5 Counseling Process

6 Client Appraisal

7 Personal Counseling

8 Group Counseling

9 Client Centered Counseling

10 Marital and Family Counseling

11 Existential Therapy

12 GestaltTherapy

13 Rational Emotive Therapy

14 Fogotherapy.

15 Inner Child Therapy

16 Reality Therapy

17 Transactional Analysis

18 Educational and School Counseling

19 The Gifted and the Underachieves

20 Vocational Counseling

21 Crisis Counseling..

22 Profess ional Ethics

23 Research and Evaluation.





The author holds his BA and MA(both with first Class and first rank] and Ph. D. in Psychoiogy from the University of Kerala. He taught Psychology and Conseling in different colleges in Kerala for about 25 years and worked as Principal in the Sacred Heart College, Sitapur In the U.P. He has published seven other books and many article on various topics in Psychology and Counseling,

The contributor of the chapter on School Counseling is Miss Aneet Jose who has done her M. Sc. In Psychological Counseling from the Bangalore University and practised school counseling with learning disabled children in Bangalore. At present she is working at a British School in Dubai as a Psychology Lecturer and Student Counselor.


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