Discerning the Divine Dimension

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Sadhu lttyavirah is in his own words an itinerant witness unto God. He has written 62 books in English and 41 books in Malayalam. His books acclaimed widely are characterized by their the Albert Schweitzer International Award (1981), Alberione Award (1993), The Darsana Award(1997), Mankuzhikary Award (1998) and Suvarnarekha Award (1999). He is interested in science too. He has begun a modest house to promote prayerful research. He walks upright in his name who is Lord Of all. His gentle Human heart is gracious As Gandhiji’s was. His praying efficacious, Who lives a life of prayer and does not hoard God’s love for a few. He finds those lost in sin All sorts of people, humble simple folk And helps them bear their crosses, lifts their yoke And with his tender love he is quick to win All whom he touches. Distance is no bar He paces the dusty roads the live-long day Following ever Christ’s way, no matter how far Beside the road men stop to hear him say The vital words of love and they ring true Because they are glad tidings ever new.