Ever Green Mathaichan

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1. Evergreen Mathaichan
2. Our Own Gold Bar
3. Rowdie / Goonda
4. Break You Must
5. When He Came Back
6. Eccentricity
7. The Turbulent Mind
8. What She Wants
9. Back-Seat Driver
10. The Relevance of Man
11. We, The Dogs
12. Sex-Education
13. Don’t Sleep! Mathai
14. Welcome, Oh Death
15. Loneliness — Emptiness
16. For Wrong Not Done
17. Where the Hell is the Elephant?
18. Oh My God!
19. Flowers and Worms
20. Can God Almighty?
21. Genealogy
22. Fore Finger Defiance
23. Grandpa’s Joke





Jk -J ‘mmi Jt
“Read once it is fm.

TRead again catch the point.

‘The third time gets the Psychological Sense

Mnd the fourth reading opens up.

new vistas of spirituality
Mathichan does what Don Camillo did years ago-Cracking jokes while keeping in mind the tonic grain of sanity. His words carry with them, deep shades of inner reality.

Prof. Vishnu Narayanan Naboodiri

Mathichan stories explore the multifarious aspects of life in a thoughtful yet humorous vein. This supplies a cool and pleasant breeze in the Malayalam Literature of humour.

S.Jayachandran Nair

Chief Editor, Samakalika Malayalam Weekly

Dr.Mathew is teaching as well as entertaining through his Psychological stories. His genius created a new trend and becomes founder of such short stories of Malayalam Literature of humour.

Prof (Dr) P.V.Velayudhan Nair


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