Gleaming Gleanings

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Part I. Poetic Stirrings

1. Friend in my Ship
2. Harmony in Creation
3. Human Memory
4. I Behold Your Presence
5. If Women Went On Strike
6. In Search Of Happiness
7. It’s a Crazy World!
8. Learn, Excel and Lead
9. Lord I Want to be With You
10. Lord Love me Ever
11. Love Us as We Are
12. Mary the New Eve
13. Miracles of Life
14. My Community is Home
15. Oh! Virgin Mother
16. Our Valiant Martyrs – A Reminiscence
17. Persons in Community
18. Pilot the Old Fox’s Around
19. Religious Paradox
20. Shake hands
21. Spirit of God Come into my Life
22. The Game of Life
23. “The Higher we go the Lower
We Ought to Become” Fulton j. Sheen
24. “The Modern Man Is too Busy to think
about His Sins” (G. B. Shaw)
25. The Quiet Quest
26. The Ethereal Pursuit
27. This Age Passes Away
28. This World for Brief Sojourn
29. Transient Beauty
30. Trifles Matter
31. We Love the Young
32. Where are you Lord?
33. Years Together yet far Apart
34. You are My God


1. Angels in Wrinkles
2. Availability
3. Bosconians Rise and Shine
4. Celebrate Life
5. Christ is the Answer to Death
6. Communion Our Lifestyle
7. Disgruntled Rose
8. Don Bosco We Love You
9. Education the Jewel
10. Emmaus Experience
11. Final Farewell to N.V. JOSE
12. Foolishness for His Sake
13. Galilean Waves
14. Gathering Diamonds at
15. God’s Hall of Fame
16. Go Like a Dream
17. Good People and Trying Times
18. Hai Mr. Calendar
19. He is not in the Tomb
20. Heart of Hearts
21. Hostile Aggression
22. Human Webs
23. I am a Youth
24. Inculturation
25. ‘Indian Century’
26. It Depends on You
27. It’s Well that We are Here. (Mt 17: 4)
28. Jesus Walks up Redemption’s Rocky Road
29. John Med Turns Golden
30. Jose Nedumattathil – A Candle in the Wind
31. Jubilee of Profession
32. Jubilee Valediction
33. Jubilee Musings
34. Jubilee Appreciation
35. Lenten Meditation
36. Lent – A Journey into Self
37. Let me Forgive
38. Let Love be Genuine
39. Letters We Receive
40. Letter to the President of India
41. Like Monsoon Showers
42. Lingering Memories: An Elegy on Fr. N. V Jose
43. Lone Poser
44. Love ‘Beyond Senses’
45. Loved and Lost, yet Gained
46. Love, Medicine and Miracle at Kohima
47. Mera Bharat Mahan
48. Message – School Magazine
49. Millennium Pope
50. National Animation Centre: A Reminiscence
51. Net on the Other Side
52. Paradise is Yours Today
53. Perennially in Homage
54. Pre-novitiate in Migration
55. Reflections in Response
56. Reinforce Christ Agenda
57. Relationships
58. Root Cause
59. Ruanians on Picnic Train
60. Safeguard the Distance
61. Salesianity at Hyderabad
62. Samaritan: Good Neighbour?
63. Shadow Worshippers
64. Shed your Ego
65. Silver bells at Doomdoorna
66. Spring Time of Life
67. Study Schedule
68. Take the School to the Children
69. The Come Back
70. The Rugged Cross
71. Teachers’ Day
72. Tribute to N.V. JOSE
73. Tribute to Sr. Victoria
74. What Can the Young Do?
75. Who is this Christ?
76. Withered Life
77. ‘You’ and ‘I’
78. Youthful Hearts
79. Youth for Development
80. Youth Survey Excerpts
81. Conclusion


About the Book & Author

      Don Bosco celebrated his life by living for youngsters. He Spent all his money and energy for the welfare of the young in dire need. These is nothing greater than laying down one’s life for the sake of others. In this bi-centenary year of the birth of Don Bosco I humbly revere and honour the memory of that ardent saint from beechi, the teacher and friend of the young. I firmly hope that these reflections will lead many into deeper introspection and encounter with God. I believe this will also facilitate deeper understanding of oneself and others.


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