Global Warming and Climate Change

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1 Introduction 7 The impact climate change has on life

2 What is climate change and global warming?

3 What causes global warming?

4 Consequences 19 Questions for Reflection:

5 What does our faith tradition say?

6 Why should religious be concerned 24 This is the challenge for today:

Questioris for Reflection: Towards a Christian Environmental Ethic Basic to any ethic is a recognition…. We are aware…

7 What can we do NOW?

8 Personally and Communally,

we can…practice the three “R’s”!

Recycle/reuse… Reduce… RenvincL..

Become involved in promoting the Earth Charter

9 For Reflection and Prayer


Global Warming and Climate Change

The world is marching ahead, with amazing speed, making yesterday’s dreams into today’s realities. But there are trouble spots and hurdles in this race against time. One such grey area that has caught the attention of the world is the issue of global warming and climate change.

In this context, this book, which takes a closer look at the issue, will help one understand the complexities of the problem and ponder over solutions needed to save our planet. It is a step in the right direction in addressing the issue. The readers, especially the Religious who are the target group, will definitely enrich themselves going through the enlightening pages.


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