How I Renounced My Begging Bowl

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About the Book & Author

      In life we should be grateful to all because we don’t have an existence apart from others. Samuel Becket in his book Waiting for Godot says “Every person brings something to my life; from even the meanest creature, I depart a richer and wiser man.” Someone said everybody is creating a space for us to be transformed. Even those who are obstructing us, even those whom we think enemies, the man who is angry with us and the child gracefully smiling at us, good people, bad people, our friends enemies, favourable circumstances and hostile ones, together they create a space a context in which we can be transformed. One day Mother Teresa was begging for the poor children. She went to a shop and extended her hand and said “Give something for my children.” The shopkeeper got angry and spat on the hand of Mother Teresa and said, “You cheat, I have nothing to give you.” Mother Teresa with a smiling face showed the other hand and said, “It is for me now give me something for my hungry children.” Seeing the angelic action of Mother Teresa the man got shocked and he could experience that it was not a human being but an angel standing before


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