Human Rights Law and Gender Justice

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Part-I – Pre-Novitiate

Chapter 1
Human Rights Objectives Of The Study
Chapter -II-
Indian Constitution
Chapter III
Criminal Laws & Law Of Evidence


Human Rights Law And Gender Justice

Course Modules for Priests and Religious at Various Stages of Formation

Formation of priests and religious has been one of the major thrust areas of the Church. It has discussed the issue on several forums, including diocesan synods. This book is the outcome of a series of studies’ and reflection of the Archdiocese of Delhi, which has been involved in various people’s movements aimed at equality and dignity of human beings.

The key objective of these inspiring training modules is to eliminate inequalities and promote human rights, gender sensitivity and concern for the economically and socially ostracized people among the targeted groups during various stages of their formation. It envisages creation of a just social order, where the Gospel values of justice, love, dignity, equality and peace are sustained and lived.

The book highlights and outlines, in masterly manner, many relevant points like the cultural and educational rights of the minorities, Dalits and Adivasis, filing of FIRs, rights of an arrested person, Criminal, legal and labour laws gender inequality, social analysis and much more.
I would appeal to everyone concerned with the formation work to make use of the prepared material so that we form our future priests and religious according to the values of the Gospel.

Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao Archdiocese of Delhi
Sr. Mary Scaria SC JM is a practicing advocate of the Supreme Court of India. She has authored and edited many books such as Minorities In the Present Political Scenario, Law and Your Rights, Human Rights : A Close Look, Maid in Hell, Woman : An Endangered Species, The Unknown Face of the Church, Worship : Promotion of Justice and Peace , The Voice of a Child in Favour of a Child etc..


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