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1. Born again
2. Race horses
3. A Paradise
4. Grasshoppers
5. The terminators
6. The scapegoats
7. The dream land
8. The tormented
9. Desolate path
10. Puppets
11. Perseverance
12. Grapevines
13. Damsel in distress
14. Jackpot
15. Fascination
16. Rubik’s Cube
17. Ominous portend
18. The love birds
19. The infatuated
20. Home away home
21. The Riddles
22. Original sin
23. Naked truth
24. The masked
25. Mirages
26. The beast
27. Fusion
28. Evolution
29. The ignorant
30. Dilemma
31. The Conspiracy
32. Homecoming


A riveting story of love, revenge and retribution across continents and generations. Antony from Cochin, India lands in London in the thick of the Fuhrer’s wrath on Britain. He has the strange company of Ali Abdulla from Kashmir, brought to the island nation by Peter Scot, a race horse tycoon. The stage is thus set for an eraof intense intrigue, passionate love and bloody revenge leading up to the bombing of the highspeed Channel train connecting London with Paris. How an award winning British born young engineer’s mind works to wreck the ambitious project lends an explosive end to the novel. Alternatively set in India’s greenest state of Kerala and the most beautiful place on earth Kashmir and London, the hub of the remains of a super power that once ruled the world and ruled the waves. Story of an ethnic minority’s yearning for survival in a melting pot of many cultures that is the UK.


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