Minority Rights – Myth or Reality

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Preface Part 1

Minority Rights: Myth or Reality

A Critique

Outline of the Analysis

Analysis of the Judgment

A Road Map for Minority Institutions
Part – II

Text of the Judgment

Judgment No. 1 — Mr. Chief Justice B.N. Kirpal

JudgmentNo.2 — Mr. Justice V.N. Khare

Judgment No. 3 — Mr. Justice S.S.M. Quadri

Judgment No. 4 —Ms. Justice Ruma Pal

Judgment No. 5 —Mr. Justice S.N.Variava


The Supreme Court judgment on the fundamental rights of the religious and linguistic minorities to establish and administer educational institutions has been a landmark verdict on the subject. Here Dr. M.P. Raju takes a close look, with an eagle’s eye, at the revolutionary ruling and presents a critical analysis of the judgment.

This critique along with the full text of the judgment is of immense value to the lawyers and laymen alike. The author has painstakingly examined the positive and negative implications of this extra-ordinary verdict and put it succinctly. It is a valuable guide to one and all engaged in the field of education.

I H Dr. M. P. Raju is a noted jurist and

BF flit I ‘awyer t’ie Supreme Court of WRBS^B India. He is the author of many I books such as Religious Conversions: Legal Implications W^m and Wadhwa Commission Report: B An Analytical Study. An expert on Equality Rights and Educational Rights and a recipient of Indo-Canadian Shastri Fellowship, he is a visiting Faculty at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, on Constitutional Law.


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