Religion and Politics

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Shri. P. A. Sangma

Bishop Vincent M. Concessao

Preface 15

part i: minorities and the mainstream

Towards an integrative mainstream culture

1. Introduction

2. The Minority Predicament

3. Minority Complex

4. Worldview, Mainstream and Globalism

5. Minorities and Spirituality

6. Minorities: Their Role and Mission

7. Some Thumb-rules for Minorities

8. Minority Rights

9. Conclusion


The interface between religion and politics bristles with immense potentiality for good and evil. In this book Rev. Valson Thampu addresses this profound and perennial issue from a multi-disciplinary perspective. His insights emerge from the dialectics of a dual commitment: the welfare of the minorities and the wholeness of the national mainstream. The entire book is an impassioned and timely plea to transform the disruptive energies of hate and alienation into an integrative culture of love and mutual up building, as consonant with the vision underlying the Indian Constitution.

I am happy to recommend this book to all who wish to understand the interface between religion and politics from a holistic, spiritual perspective so as to play a constructive role in public life.

Bishop Vincent M ( rchbishop of Agra

The author’s spiritual vision as exemplified in Religion and Politics is very relevant to a multi-religious society like ours. He reinforces my own conviction that politics must be imbued with spiritual values, and religion enlivened with social justice, if they are to remain healthy and geared to human welfare.

Swami Agnivesh, Spiritual thinker and social activist

Hurting and alienating the minorities is a crime against the nation. In Religion and Politics, Valson Thampu highlights the

constructive role that religious minorities can and must play in this context.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, Mamie thinker and writer

This book is a guide to all those who wish to understand and uphold our pluralistic heritage of unity amidst diversity.

P.A. Sangma, Ex-Speaker, Lok Sahha, New Delhi


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