Sense of Enigma

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10 Conditioning of Fantasy
12 Indifference
14 Neural Mapping
16 Dramatic Home
24 Aging Liberty
26 Nostalgic Numbness
28 I am, I can
34 Ticking out the Bird
36 Imitating Eager
38 Time Shield
40 Nomadic Impulses
42 Leading the Gap
44 Coming Station
46 Sense of Enigma
48 Visual Exercise
50 Door Step
52 Passion Sea
54 Let Me Have My Naked Eyes
56 Amazing Ride
58 Loading Suggestions
60 Snobbish Pronouncement
62 Grading Impact


“The author of Sense of Enigma, Jacob Isaac, explores almost all the throes and imaginative possibilities of Fantasy, as it affects the human mind, the inner self with feelings, and even some physical attributes of man. This in-depth poetic report will stimulate the thoughts of habits, amusements, pride, and other sometimes hidden responses when experimenting with fantasy. Its imagery opens many doors and closes none.”

Rex B. Valentine – USA

Poet, Author, Music Composer