The Capuchin Reform

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Foreword to the first edition
Foreword to the second edition
Translator’s Foreword
Sources and Abbreviations
Chapter 1: Franciscan Renaissance
Chapter 2: The Vine and the Hedge
Chapter 3: A Visit to a Friary
Chapter 4: In the School of Franciscan Perfection
Chapter 5: Holy and Devout Studies
Chapter 6: A Day of Prayer and Work
Chapter 7: Silence
Chapter 8. Knights of Lady Poverty
Chapter 9: An Extremely Harsh Life
Chapter 10: In the Cenacle of Love
Chapter 11: Holy Humility
Chapter 12: Ministers and Servants
Chapter 13: In Filial Subjection
Chapter 14: The Splendour of Purity
Chapter 15: Praying Souls
Chapter 16: The Flowering of Piety
Chapter 17: Heralds of the Gospel
Chapter 18: Sowers of Goodness
Chapter 19: The Cloister and the Street
Index of Persons and Places


Why this translation? For Capuchin Friars, texts such as these are a window into Capuchin spirit and life in the beginning when our Capuchin identity began to take shape. By making such texts available in English, I hope that we may shorten the distance of time between us today and our brothers yesterday. Access to original texts may allow us to listen to them as they vividly describe and interpret their experiences. The text is a place of encounter, and through such meetings, the shadowy image of these brothers takes on greater definition. And more wonderfully, their history becomes ours. Of course, such texts will be valuable for anyone interested in the Franciscan movement or charism and its remarkably diverse forms of expression down the centuries.\


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