The Light of love

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Chapter 1


Creation as the Gift of Love

Depth Awareness

Eternal Foundations

The Earth

The Mountain

The Ocean

Gift of Light

Experience of Light

My Favorite Color

The Sun

The Moon.

The Stars

or Breath as life

from Experience of Breath

Water as Life\

The Rain

The River

The Lake.

The Wild Flowers

The Sunflower

The Mango Tree

Gift of Love.

Experience of Love

Natural Love

On Eagle’s Wings

The Love of the Penguins

The Flight of the Siberian Ducks

Human Love


The present book, The Light of Love, is the culmination of a series of books the author has written in his quest for a radical transformation of life in the light of love to bring about greater love, peace, and joy in a world of darkness manifested in fear, sadness, and anger. The main themes of the book are as follows:

Discover the original blessing.

Face the inner darkness.

Let the light of love shine in the darkness.

I am God’s beloved son/daughter.

Creation belongs to the Family of God.

Participate in the agony and ecstasy of creation.

Join the communion oflove in all creation.

Joe Kunnumpuram, S. J., is a trained Psychologist, Spiritual Director, and Retreat Master. Besides his philosophical and theological studies, he has done his Masters in Chemistry and Clinical Psychology. He taught chemistry1 at St. Michael’s School, Patna from 1978 – 1983. He was Master of Novices at the Patna Jesuit Novitiate from 1983 – 1991. Then he did his Masters in Clinical Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines, from 1991 – 1994. After his studies he was appointed to Atmadarshan, Patna, Center for Spirituality and Counseling. At present he is the Superior of Atmadarshan and Program Director of Atmadarshan Experience, a unique Training Program in Awareness Meditative Relaxation (AMR) for Psycho-Somatic-Spiritual Integration. He has conducted numerous AMR workshops in India and abroad. He has also given various programs in counseling, psychotherapy, healing, spiritual direction, retreats, and leadership training. His first book, The Miracle of Awareness, has been well received by the readers for an easy and quick way to healing and empowerment from within the human person for a new awakening. The readers have also welcomed his second book, On Wings of the Swan, as an excellent guide to meditation leading to healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth. His third book, The Star of the East, is a comprehensive treatise on AMR for persons in any helping profession for integral human liberation. The present book, The Light of Love, is the culmination of the author’s search for the integral liberation of all life in the radiance oflove emergingfrom the heart of God.


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