The Miracle of Awareness

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Chapter 1

My Discovery of Body Awareness

Discovery of Body Awareness

Testimony of Healing

Insight into Healing

Discovery of Deep Relaxation

Alleviation of Body Swelling

Healing of an Intense Fear

Healing of Nervousness

Personal Experience of Healing

Chapter 2

Integral Theory of Awareness

Modern Approach to the Theory of Awareness


Sensory Store (SS)

Short Term Memory (STM)

Long Term Memory (LTM)


Our Consciousness

The Conscious

The Unconscious

Twilight Zone

Personal Unconscious

Collective Unconscious

Cosmic Unconscious

Deeper Self (Spirit Within)

A Holistic Synthesis

Principle of Transformation of consciousness

AMR Therapy

Chapter 3

Treatment of Asthma

History of Awareness Meditation

Satipatthana Sutta: Foundations of Awareness

Anapanasati Sutta: Awareness of Breathing

Prjnaparamita: The Heart of Perfect Wisdom

Reflection on Awareness Meditation

Meditative Relaxation

Meditative Relaxation and Brain Waves

Meditation, Relaxation Response, and Healing

Experimental Verification of the effect of AMR

in the Treatment of Asthma

A Typical AMR Session

Unique Experiences during AMR Therapy

The Observed Efficacy of AMR Therapy

Significance of the Research

Certain Generalizations

AMR Script

Body Relaxation

Awareness of Breathing

Awareness of Body Sensations

Awareness of Stressful Areas of the Body

Awareness of stressful feelings

Back to Awareness of Body Sensations

Back to Awareness Breathing

Waking up from Awareness Meditation

Chapter 4

Treatment of Stress-related Illnesses

Body Awareness

Origin of Illness


“Watcher Self” and Well-being

AMR for Adult Asthmatic Patients

AMR in the Treatment of Stress-related Illnesses

Experiences in Healing of Stress-related Illnesses

A Deaf Woman

Loss of Smell


High Cholesterol



Tremor in the Right Hand


Dust Allergy

Acid Stomach

Peptic Ulcer

White Patches on the Skin

Control of Cancer

Limitations of AMR Therapy

AMR Therapeutic Procedure for Stress-related illnesses

Chapter 5

Healing of Negative Feelings

Interaction between thoughts, feelings,

sensations, and body parts

AMR Therapy

Negative feelings and their effect on the body

Healing of a Law Student with Anxiety

AMR Script for Anxious Reactions

Healing of a Woman with Extreme Fear

AMR Script for Phobic Reactions

Healing of Guilt Ridden Wife of an Official.

AMR Script for Guilt Reactions

AMR Therapy for Hurt, Sadness,

Resentment, Anger, Dislike, and Hatred

Healing of a Woman with Deep Hurt

AMR Script of Hurt Feelings



This book is based on Awareness, Meditation, and Relaxation (AMR) to bring about healing, empowerment, and integration from the human person for a new awakening. Body awareness is the key to alleviation of suffering and illness. Our positive or negative thoughts, beliefs, mental images, color, and light have a positive or negative effect on our feelings. These feelings affect our body as positive or negative body sensations. Beyond a certain optimum level of positive or negative body sensations, toxins get accumulated in specific areas of the body and the result is illness in the body. In healing procedures positive and negative body sensations are made conscious and the effect of this awareness is utilized to optimize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Fr. Joe Kunnumpuram, S. J., is a trained Psychologist, Spiritual Director, and Retreat Master. Besides his philosophical and theological studies, he has done his Masters in Chemistry and Clinical Psychology. He taught chemistry at St. Michael’s School, Patna from 1978 -1983. He was Master of Novices at the Patna Jesuit Novitiate from 1983 -1991. Then he did his Masters in Clinical Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines, from 1991 – 1994. After his studies he was appointed to Atmadarshan, Patna, Center for Spirituality and Counseling. At present he is the Superior of Atmadarshan and Program Director of Atmadarshan Experience, a unique Training Program in Awareness Meditative Relaxation (AMR) for Psycho-Somatic-Spiritual Integration. He has conducted numerous AMR workshops in India and abroad. He has also given various programs in counseling, psychotherapy, healing, spiritual direction, retreats, and leadership training. His first book, The Miracle of Awareness, has been well received by the readers for an easy and quick way to healing and empowerment from within the human person for a new awakening. The readers have also welcomed his second book, On Wings of the Swan, as an excellent guide to meditation leading to healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth. His third book, The Star of the East, is a comprehensive treatise on AMR for persons in any helping profession for integral human liberation. His fourth book, The Light of Love, is the culmination of the author’s search for the integral liberation of all life in the radiance of love emerging from the heart of God. His fifth book, Finding God in All things, is to help us become contemplatives in action so that our actions may be filled with divine love and compassion for all beings. His sixth book, The Light of Awareness, is a compendium of AMR as pathways to psycho-somatic-spiritual integration. His seventh book, Pathways to Depth awareness, is a series of directed meditations for holistic integration.


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