The Same Globe for All

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Foreword by Professor Dr. Thomas Abraham

Preface: Welcome on Board

1. Turning Point
2. Vague Pictures
3. On The Ocean Waves
4. In The Promised Land
5. In A German Village
6. Jolt From The Blue
7. The First Christmas
8. The Maturity Test
9. Traces Of Colonialism
10. Change Of Course
11. Circle Of Friends
12. Stranger At Home
13. Colonial Tradeoff
14. Students Movement
15. On A New Track
16. Holy Cow
17. Visa Blues
18. Postcard To Future
19. Call To The Youth
20. Compatriots
21. Development Dilemma


The Same Globe For All

“It gave me valuable insights into the living situation and daily life on the sub-continent as one scarcely finds in other books and script. Your experiences in two very different countries in which you feel at home showed me that the peaceful co-existence of different cultures, religions and nations can succeed”.

Johannes Rau, German Federal President in a letter to the author after reading the book in German version.

“This book is a personalized narrative dealing with encounters in different countries, encounters with ideologies, cultural nuances, vested interests, overt and covert agenda, poverty and affluence, action and inaction. What we get in the book is an illuminating interlace of personal experiences, commentary on socio-political development, inter-cultural comparisons and reflections”,

Dr. C. Thomas Abraham

The author, Dr. George Arickal, is well-known in Germany as a leading representative of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) especially in the field of development co-operation. He was born on 30th December 1939 in Mekkad, Kerala state, India. In 1961 he went to Germany for higher studies: Philosophy in Eichstaett and National Economy in Freiburg. From 1970 to 1971 undertook a field research in Bihar on the “Role of NGOs in the Socio-economic Development”. Back in Germany and promotion to Dr. rer. pol. in 1974. From 1972 to 1985 in charge of development education of the Federation of the German Catholic Youth with the Federal Office in Duesseldorf. From 1985 onwards in leading positions of Karl Kuebel Foundation with headquarters at Bensheim, Germany. Until 1987 Head of department development co-operation. From 1988 till 2000 Executive Director in charge of all non-profit oriented programmes of the Foundation in Europe and in overseas countries; since 2000 representative of the Foundation in India.


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