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  • This is a book of anthology, never tried amalgamation of prose and poetry, the most beautiful way of bringing out very sensitive issues concerning women in our society. This is the story of our mothers, sisters, lovers, wives and friends — the true story of the women in our lives. It is about their miseries and misfortunes, which we as MAN bring upon them from time to time, every time. And it is also about a matter concerning our Shame (Mankind’s shame). A book dedicated to the women of all the worlds, who despite all the short comings of their men have chosen to be by his side, who despite witnessing silently all the atrocities of the world chose to bear a child and become mothers, wives, daughters, friends and lovers. Guru.Turiya is a Himalayan Yogi: a mystic, living in the vicinity of the great Nanda Devi, the highest Mountain peak of the Great Himalayas in state of Uttrakhand, India.He is a loving Guru to a very few chosen disciples. His spiritual journey began from ‘The Great Mount of Girnar,’ in the culturally rich state of Gujarat in India, where he had lived a good part of his early childhood under the guidance of many great YOGIS and GURUS. It is here, that he met with his first spiritual Guru, Sri Dada Muni Swami, who installed in him a great urge to seek the Divine Within. His mother is believed to be a Great Healer of good repute and an extremely pious woman. It is with her blessings and the blessing of many Sages, with whom Guru Turiya had a chance to spend his childhood that he set out following his Guru’s footsteps, to embrace a life full of Devotion and Dhyana (deep contemplation). It is only after years of pleading, by his devoted disciples, that he has agreed to publish some of his works, which are just few excerpts from his personal meditation diary, where he jots down meticulously many vivid experiences of his Dhyana. Like the works of many great Gurus, even his work is not easy to understand, he speaks in riddles – there is always two sides to his works — one that you see with your naked eyesand mind, and the other which can only be seen with the help of your wisdom, a keen vision and a mind trained to grasp the very subtle and higher spiritual aspects of life.


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