Uniform Civil Code A Mirage?

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About the Book

This book, while outlining the history and constitutional philosophy behind the Uniform Civil Code directive under Article 44, succinctly presents the self-contradictory and conflicting opinions of the Supreme Court. The author demonstrates that in the overall constitutional scheme of secularism and pluralism, the Civil Code directive cannot be understood as a death-knell for ‘legal pluralism’ and the existence of personal laws based on religions and cultures. The book makes available to the readers the full texts of relevant decisions of the Apex Court on the subject, including the John Vallamattam case, as well as the Constituent Assembly debates on the issue. Both lawmen and laymen would find the work most informative and insightful.


About the Author
Dr. M.P. Raju is a noted jurist and lawyer of the Supreme Court of India. He is the author of many books such as Religious Conversions: Legal Implications, Wadhwa Commission Report: An Analytical Study, and Minority Rights: Myth or Reality. An expert on Equality Rights and Educational Rights and a recipient of Indo-Canadian Shastri Fellowship, he is a visiting Faculty at McGill University, Montreal, Canada on Constitutional Law.


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